How to Make a Hal Taylor Rocking Chair - The Book

This exquisitely written book takes you through the entire process of making a Hal Taylor rocking chair from lumber selection and layout through every detail of the process. It is over two hundred and sixty pages in length and includes over 1,000 high resolution zoomable images making it easy to understand. The book is in PDF format and arrives as a CD ROM.

Hal spent many years teaching manufacturing and working as a manufacturing consultant. His specialty was the "nuts and bolts", improving processes. He has taken this obsession with perfecting processes to the art of the rocking chair, dividing the making of a rocker into many many small steps that are easy to understand and accomplish.

Thus the book is a series of fairly simple tasks, the last one of which is to "turn around and have yourself a sit in an exquisitely comfortable rocking chair!

Hal Taylor Book on How to build a rocking chair.
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